About the company

The Redan Capital Group is one of the leaders on the retail clothing market in Central and Eastern Europe.

The activity of the Group comprises two – distinctly different – sectors: fashion and discount. There are approx. 700 branch units in both sectors.

Operating on the discount market, the store chain TXM offers a very wide range of clothes and accessories for women, men and children. It is supplemented by home textiles, footwear and accessories. The strengths of TXM consist of very good quality-price relation for clothes and an extensive distribution network of approx. 400 stores in Poland and abroad. The Romanian and Slovakian markets are the target of the Company’s foreign expansion. The chain’s stores offer Polish or imported products, and most often the well-known brand products. TXM is also rapidly expanding its e-commerce channel through the largest discount clothes online store www.txm.pl.

On the fashion market, the Redan Group expands, promotes and distributes its popular fashion brands Secret, Troll and Drywash. Collections of these brands are created by the Group’s own designers, while their manufacturing is outsourced to over 100 plants in Poland and foreign countries, particularly in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Hong Kong and Pakistan. Distribution is carried out by retail stores and Top Secret showrooms. The sale is also conducted through the Internet store. Redan also possesses a store chain Top Secret and Troll in foreign countries – in Ukraine and Russia. In the fashion sector, the Group’s store chain consists of approx. 300 branch units in Poland and abroad (own, franchise and corner units).

Since 2003, the shares of Redan S.A. have been listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

TXM S.A., which belongs to the Capital Group, debuted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw in December 2016.