About the company

The Redan Group is one of the leading companies designing and distributing clothing in the Polish market. Its portfolio includes well recognised apparel brands Top Secret, Troll and Drywash, and a clothing discount chain TXM. The two segments are different in terms of the needs of target customers, which entails differences in products, prices, quality, design and sales policy. The Group outsources production in Poland and abroad. Distribution is carried out through own stores, franchise stores and in the e-commerce channel. At present, the Group operates some 625 stores in Poland and abroad (in Russia and Ukraine).

Top Secret is the leading brand in the Redan Group’s fashion segment and at the same time it is one of the most recognisable clothing brands in the Polish market. Its offer is addressed to customers for whom clothing is a way of expressing their personality.

Top Secret collections follow the latest global fashion trends, presented in a subtle, creative and unique way.  Designers are always inspired by the lifestyle and changing needs of customers.

TXM’s offer is addressed to whole families. It focuses on customers, their lives and needs. TXM strives to ensure that customers are confident that they can always find a broad choice of fashionable clothing for everyday wear, accessories, and home textiles at very attractive prices at TXM stores.

Redan was established in 1995 and it has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2003 as a joint-stock company. In December 2016, TXM S.A. shares were floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.