Attractive promotion drives Top Secret sales

Revenue at Top Secret stores in Poland rose in September by approximately 12% year on year on the back of effective promotional activities. Total revenue of the entire Top Secret store network in the previous month was PLN 17m, slightly higher than a year before. 

Sales of Top Secret products in September 2019 totalled approximately PLN 17m, having grown by some 2% year on year. At the same time the retail space of chain stores selling Top Secret, Troll and DryWash brand products was reduced by 4% year on year, to 34.8 thousand m2 at the end of last month. Cumulatively, Top Secret recorded revenue of approximately PLN 167m, down some 1% relative to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Of that amount, revenue from the sale of products through Top Secret online stores in Poland and Ukraine in September 2019 amounted to PLN 2.4m, having dropped by 9% over September 2018. Cumulatively, revenue generated by Top Secret online stores reached PLN 24.4m and was higher by some 1% year on year.

In terms of geographical location, sales in Poland improved in September by approximately 9% year on year, with a rise of some 12% recorded at Top Secret stores alone. “It was a result of effective promotional activities. The share of sales of items from previous seasons in total sales at Top Secret stores more than doubled relative to the last year. These results are in line with our stock optimisation plan, which will ensure higher margins and improved operational efficiency,” stressed Bogusz Kruszyński, the President of the Management Board of Redan. Foreign sales fell 40% year on year.

Following the lost of control over TXM S.A. w restrukturyzacji (subject to restructuring), as of 18 July 2019 its sales are not published by the Redan Group.