Capital Group

Redan S.A. is a member of the Group, whose individual companies are responsible for business development in the fashion segment in Poland and abroad (Top Secret, Troll and Drywash brands).

The key companies of the Redan Group are:

  • Redan S.A. – the parent – carries out logistics operations for the fashion segment (Top Secret, Troll and Drywash brands) and coordinates the development of foreign operations. Redan also provides IT services to the Group companies.
  • Top Secret Sp. z o.o. – a company managing the brands in the fashion segment (Top Secret, Troll and Drywash), responsible for design work, purchase and sale of goods; it also operates a chain of retail stores in Poland and carries out online sales through


Other Redan Group companies include:

  • entities operating in foreign markets in the fashion segment;
  • operators of logistics centres: Loger Sp. z o.o. (operating the logistics centre for the fashion segment);
  • retailers whose activities are instrumental to the Group’s business, i.e. their principal business consists in the operation of retail stores of the Redan Group’s fashion brands;
  • companies incorporated in Cyprus, which are also instrumental to the Group’s operations, i.e. their business consists in implementation of projects related to financing and organisation of the Group’s operations.