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Fashion segment

Top Secret (along with the brands Troll and Drywash) is a leading brand in the fashion segment of the Redan Capital Group. The brand Top Secret is the most recognizable Polish brand offering complementary collections of clothes and accessories. The current image was launched by the Company in August 2012. The new brand strategy “Express Yourself” and the related changes in the collections, marketing and sale network are aimed at transforming the image into a more modern and expressive one.


The brand Top Secret is targeted at modern and active people with a successful professional and family life, for whom clothing is of significance and is a means to express their unique personality. The target group of the brand Top Secret comprises of people who fully accept themselves and their environment, proclaim authenticity, while fashion is just a tool for them to express themselves in their professional and family life, as well as in leisure time. Female and male collections are consistent with the actual fashion trends being modern, brave and delivering emotional experiences. They draw inspiration from the latest fashion trends, while being adjusted to diverse expectations of the customer and their calendar of needs. The collections comprise of two lines: City and Casual, ranging from a more formal to a casual style. Clothes are supplemented by a magnitude of accessories enriching the styling.

Clothes of the brand Top Secret are distributed across: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus. The sale is mainly carried out through retail and Internet stores. The retail sale is carried out through the Capital Group’s own and franchise stores. The brand development strategy assumes the Group to be present both on the Polish and foreign markets. The main directions for development cover the e-commerce channel and Ukraine and Russia.


Troll is one of the oldest fashion brands on the Polish market, while having a very good reputation among its target group. The brand Troll is targeted at persons “young at heart” who use their clothing to express themselves and their joy. The offer of the brand Troll consists of trendy clothes reflecting worldwide trends and giving a young, dynamic and attractive look. However, there is also a myriad of universal, well-cut base products in neutral colours.

Troll creates collections for all those who combine fashion with modernity, are brave and choose what they feel is best suited for them. Clothes of the brand Troll are distributed in the territory of Poland and abroad. The sale is mainly carried out through the Internet store and retail stores.


Drywash is a brand for modern and ambitious people who attach great importance to an attractive look and freedom in every situation. Its clothes have trendy, casual and sporty features, which are ideal for leisure activities. They combine comfort with the newest trends in fashion. The female collection is modern, combines urban and sporty elegance with female grace. The male collection consists of clothes for active men, which are a sporty alternative to the casual style. Clothes of the brand Drywash are distributed across Poland and in foreign countries.

Discount segment

The development strategy assumes a dynamic expansion of the TXM chain in Poland and on selected foreign markets (Slovakia and Romania). The domestic and foreign chain consists of approx. 400 stores. The number of stores abroad and in residential districts of large cities in Poland is on a gradual increase. During the years 2016-2018, the TXM Groups plans to expand its existing domestic chain to approx. 382 stores with a total retail space of 98.4 thousand m2 in Poland and 94 stores with a total retail space of 33.0 thousand m2 in foreign countries.

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The TXM chains reports a systematic improvement in sales and financial results. Its success is driven by the key elements including inter alia:

  • the accurate selection of products – one of the fundamental assumptions for creating an assortment offer is to maintain the lowest market prices in individual product categories, as well as to boldly introduce new patterns and models, similar to the fashion stores, but at much lower prices. These activities are welcomed by the customers and make it possible to gradually increase the value of the average shopping cart and simultaneously increase the sale volume;
  • effective marketing actions – these include inter alia newsletters depicting current promotions which are distributed directly to the customers’ homes. The promotional offers are selected on the basis of the sale period, attractiveness of individual models, expectations of the customers and prices;
  • changes to the way the offer is presented in stores – of particular importance are the good and explicit product communication and the correct distribution of articles within the stores, which also makes it easier for customers to access selected products in a swift and accessible way;
  • the implementation of the agency system – it assumes the transfer of stores to be managed by an agent taking over responsibility for the whole customer service process;
  • the optimization of operational costs – the objective is to maintain the dynamics in costs below the dynamics in commercial margins, which translates into increasing profits.