Our brands

Fashion segment

The Redan Group’s fashion segment features the popular clothing brands Top Secret, Troll and Drywash, whose products may be purchased at traditional brick-and-mortar stores and outlets, and online.



The Top Secret brand is addressed to people with a modern way of life, aware of themselves and their expectations. The extensive choice is well suitable for various private and professional life occasions. Top Secret collections allow customers to feel better, more comfortable, more secure and even more up to date. They bring joy, a sense of self-worth and genuine character. The products are as fashionable and urban in style as those offered by many competitive brands, but they stand out thanks to exceptional care for beauty and femininity. The offer is structured into two lines: the CITY collection offers Smart Wear style products, which are more modern, minimalist and of higher quality, designed for special and unique occasions, and the CASUAL collection, which offers products in a more casual and functional style, designed for comfortable everyday wear. The clothing offer is supplemented with various accessories, which enrich the offered styles – from jewellery, through handbags and clothing accessories, to various types of shoes.



Troll is one of the clothing brands which have been present in the Polish clothing market for the longest time. As a result, it enjoys a relatively high recognition in many age groups. The brand is targeted at women who feel young, look for an easy way to express their ever changing emotions, women who are calm, quiet and joyful, as well as naughty and living a full life. Troll collections provide a fashionable, attractive and fresh look, are based on the latest trend colours and forms, complemented by basic products at low prices, which enable making an easy start in the world of fashion and ensure an adequate variety and an interesting interpretation of global trends. At present, the Troll brand products are offered to customers in e-commerce.



Drywash brand is addressed to active, modern and ambitious people who want to look attractive and feel comfortable in every situation. The brand includes casual and sports clothing, which is perfect for spending free time in an active way, offering a combination of comfort and the latest fashion trends.