Strategy of Redan Group

The strategy of the Redan Capital Group assumes:

  • focus on the activity of designing, marketing and retail distribution of every-day clothing,
  • offering diversification on the clothing market by offering products appropriately adjusted to the needs of various customer groups.

The Redan Group operates in two segments of the clothing markets which have the following characteristics:

  • the discount market is relatively resilient to fluctuations in demand and has great opportunities for volume development, however with a relatively small potential for increasing margins;
  • the fashion market is much more sensitive to economic fluctuations, but – thanks to the strength of the Group’s own brands – it makes it possible to achieve much higher margins and has great potential for international development.

The diversification makes the position of the Redan Group remain stable in economic bad times and provides it with a great potential for development.

Development strategy

The Redan Capital Group operates in two equivalent segments of the clothing – fashion – market, which exploits the strength of the Group’s own brands to achieve much higher margins, as well as in the discount segment being relatively resilient to fluctuations in demand. This diversification of the Group’s activity makes it easier to make use of its huge development potential.